Vicki Fox, Comic, Minding-the-Gap

Minding the Gap

Do you wish the creative team would update the comic strip more often?

Do you hate when there are long time gaps between comic strips?

Introducing Minding the Gap

Sometimes real life events interrupt our ability to display a new comic strip.

Therefore, we borrow an idea from other web comics - the idea of guest comic strips. In this case, we will consider queries from artistic readers and we will also consider commissioning guest artists.

The following provide guidelines for these guest comic strips.

The rules

Rule 1: Talk to Mike Russell before you start anything. Mike will work with you to create a filler comic strip.

Rule 2: If you have a funny idea for a strip; then let's talk. But, if you can't think of anything and are interested in drawing Vicki; then let's talk. Mike will create a script or joke for you if you cannot think of one yourself. We are looking for willing hands. *smile*

Rule 3: If you send us a submission without discussing it with us first, then we are very likely not going to use it but will happily put it in Vicki's Gallery.

Rule 4: Vicki's World is a family friendly, comedy comic strip. As we like to think - this is a comic strip that you would happily show your mother, your sister, your daughter, or your grandmother.

Rule 5: We will be displaying these comic strips in greyscale. This is to distinquish them from the official comic strip, which appears in color. If you don't feel like shading, then Mike will help do the shading.

Rule 6: There is no Rule 6.

Rule 7: We prefer to keep to Vicki's cast. If you wish to include a cameo of your characters, especially if they appear in their own web comic strip, then let's talk. We are flexible.

Rule 8: We will take care of adding the text, credits, and header banners.

Rule 9: We will review the final draft with you before it is posted on Vicki's site.

Rule 10: We request that you wait a couple weeks after the strip appears on Vicki's site before you publish the comic strip on your personal web site. Please do not post to public galleries. Also, to avoid confusion, please post the final version of the comic strip; not any intermediate form.

Rule 11: We thank you very much for your contributions and help!


You do not have to do this. We hope you will consider sending Mike the original sketches and artwork. Mike likes to collect original art. Again, let's talk.


Our original plans is to use the filler pages to return to a fortnight schedule. In this case, it is possible it may be a few weeks before your artwork appears on Vicki's site.


If you have made it this far, thank you. We hope you will contribute to the comic strip page.

Send your contributions and questions to the creative team via the Contact Us page.

The legal stuff

As a small business owning intellectual property, we have the delicate task of balancing our necessity of protecting our property with providing compensation to the contributing artists. As a result, we require our contributing artists understand the following legalities.

By submitting artwork to appear in the Minding the Gap artwork series, you, the artist, agree to the following terms.


I, the artist, in exchange for submitting artwork for the Minding the Gap series agree to the following terms and conditions.

Joint Copyright. (a) I agree to grant joint copyright ownership of the artwork to Vicki Fox Productions Inc. This means any future publication, reproduction, alteration, or other use of the artwork must be approved by the artist and by Vicki Fox Productions Inc.
(b) I agree that the credit information on the artwork will read,
(c) year My Name and Vicki Fox Productions Inc.

Compensation. I agree that I will not receive any compensation for this artwork submission other than the possible appearance of the artwork on the Vicki Fox comic strip page.

Publication. (a) I agree that the artwork will only appear on the Vicki Fox comic strip page and that I may publish it on my personal web site after it has appeared on the Vicki Fox page.
(b) I also agree that the version that I publish on my site will be the same version as published on the Vicki Fox page.
(c) I will not publish the original, unedited version of the artwork.

Future publication. I acknowledge that neither I nor Vicki Fox Productions Inc will publish the artwork in a future publication or compilation. The artwork is strictly for web publication as indicated above.

Promotion. I acknowledge that the extent of promotion of my artwork will be the credit lines added to the artwork, which will include, where appropriate, the URL of my web page.

Possession. I acknowledge that Vicki Fox Productions Inc requests the original artwork, but whether I deliver such will have no bearing on whether the submission will be published.

Revision. I agree that Vicki Fox Productions Inc may edit the artwork. As a minimum, the edits will consist of resizing to fit the display size, adding the standard title and footer banners, and adding the detail submission title and credit lines. Additional edits may occur with dialogue, font, and word balloons. Any edits to the artwork itself will be reviewed with the artist before final publication.

Non-acceptance. I acknowledge that my submission may not be accepted for publication. If the artwork is not accepted, I am free to publish the artwork on my own web site. Also, Vicki Fox Productions Inc reserves the right to publish the submission in Vicki's Gallery; a full purpose fan art gallery on the Vicki Fox site.

Guidelines. I acknowledge that I have read the guidelines above that specify the content of the submission and that I accept them.

Certification. By submitting the artwork, I certify that I accept these terms and conditions.