Vicki Fox, About, Artists


From the beginning, the artistic presentation of me, Vicki, and my friends has been a team effort. On this page, I will introduce the many people who have brought me to life over the years.

Furthermore, we have been blessed by numerous fan created artwork. Where possible, we have collected that artwork into the Art Gallery.

Michael Russell

Michael is the creator of Vicki Fox and most of the cast. He is the author and editor of the comic strip, with one exception where Laura Howell was the primary author of the Sisters story.

Michael lives in Central Florida, and is a senior systems architect in the aerospace industry.

Laura Howell

Laura is the co-creator of Vicki Fox and most of the cast. She is the original illustrator of the comic strip, and she authored the Sisters story.

Laura lives in the Midlands of England, and is an illustrator for the leading British comic book, The Beano, and other comic books.

KeV Beeley (Glis)

KeV is the co-creator of Vicki Fox and the main four cast characters. He and Michael explored various ideas about the characters, and came up with the names for Meredith and Ceri. Soon afterwards, Kev transfered his interest in the characters to Michael.

KeV lives in Southern England, and is a network specialist.

Shelley Pleger

Shelley was the illustrator of the comic strip after Laura. Shelley refined the model of the Wolfe family and Zephy Fox.

Shelley lives in Oregon, and is the inker for the syndicated Dick Tracy comic strip.

Jennifer Carnivele (formerly Morton)

Jennifer was the illustrator of the comic strip after Shelley.

Jennifer lives in California, and is a freelance artist.


Jan is the latest illustrator of the comic strip after Jennifer.

Jan lives in Hong Kong, and is a freelance artist with his own comic strip series.

Robert and Margaret Carspecken

The Carspeckens have helped review story scripts.

The Carspeckens live in Missouri, and have their own comic strip series.

Vicki Fox Production Inc

Michael formed a for-profit corporation incorporated within Florida to develop the Vicki Fox brand. The ownership of the characters, comic strip, and related intellectual property has been transfered to the company.