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Zephy Fox

She is the proverbial black sheep of the family. She is always getting in trouble. She is a professional student at the University of Colorado in Denver. She has no intent of graduating; especially by taking only one course per term. She got married, and then soon divorced, while at college. Between terms, she often will visit, unannounced, and stay at Vicki's house.

Role. Zephy represents the opposite of Vicki. Where Vicki is good and does what is moral, Zephy represents a girl who has wandered away. A sort of prodigal daughter.


Age: 22

Birthday: 24 March

Species: Red fox

Sex: Female

Relationship: Divorced

Height: 42 inches (107 cm)

Identifying color: Violet. The dominate color in a violet and green tartan plaid. Violet often means moody, serious, quiet, and reflective. (CMY%: 100, 100, 0)

Distinctions: During high school, Zephy started dyeing the front bangs of her hair a strange blonde colour. She is very flirty and aggressive with boys. She tends to dress in moody (emo, goth, etc) fashions, showing a lot more leg, chest, everything. She changes her image, hair, and clothing often.

Origin: Zephy is Vicki's fraternal twin sister.

Accent: Southern

Job: None. Zephy works as rarely as possible; preferring to support herself on the generosity of family and her current boyfriend.

Hobbies: Complaining that life has dealt her bad luck.

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