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Wendy Raccoon

Wendy is a jolly, motherly type. She enjoys kids and is in many ways just a big kid. She is outlandish in her attire and her attitude toward things. She has a 7 year old son, Cody.

Role. Wendy provides the mother figure.


Age: 27

Birthday: 22 November

Species: Raccoon

Sex: Female

Relationship: Divorced

Height: 38 inches (97 cm)

Identifying color: Gold. Often means joyful, sunny, lavish, and uncertain. (CMY% 0, 20, 100)

Distinctions: She dresses in very colourful outfits that sort of look like a layering of everything she has. Big and bold.

Origin: Born in Queens, New York. She came to Apopka to attend Tettenhall College. Also, to raise Cody outside the New York environment.

Accent: New York/Yiddish

Job: Debbie's nanny

Hobbies: Cooking

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