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Suzannah (Suzy) Chipmunk

Suzy is a native of the area. As such, she knows the area and heritage, which most of the rest of the cast do not know. She is also the Office Lady; the person in the office or at the museum who keeps everything working and planning all the office events.

Role. Suzy is the focal point of activity around the office.


Age: 35

Birthday: 5 April

Species: Chipmunk

Sex: Female

Relationship: Married. Husband is Richard.

Height: 27 inches (69 cm)

Identifying color: Orange. Often means tangy, lively, and zesty. (CMY% 0, 70, 100)

Distinctions: Fast talking, overly friendly, and energenic.

Origin: Suzy is a native of the North Georgia mountains.

Accent: Southern

Job: Part time receptionist at the Apopka Reporter and manager of the Apopka Gold Museum.

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