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Steve Reynard

He has a kind and sincere personality. He has that quiet strength and confidence. As a result, he is very popular and well accepted at the Church. However, he does tend to be a little distant. He seems to be hesitant about getting close to people. Maybe this is a result of past guilt about the people in his past he had hurt, so he keeps a little reserved to avoid hurting anyone else. He can often be found riding through the hills on his Harley; getting away to think and be alone.

Role. Mostly a romantic interest for Vicki. Also, the primary representative of Vicki's church.


Age: 26

Birthday: 3 June

Species: Mixed Corsac fox and Steppe wolf

Sex: Male

Relationship: Single

Height: 50 inches (127 cm)

Identifying color: Grey. Often means between dark and light. (CMYK% 0, 0, 0, 50)

Distinctions: He has what looks like a bite taken out of his left ear. He got it while fighting in his younger days. He is very casual. Wears dark jeans and T-shirts, often with a leather jacket.

Origin: Born in Colorado Springs, CO. He was a rebellious youth that eventually landed him in hospital. While in hospital, he heard the Gospel and received Christ. Steve went to seminary. Soon after graduating, he was hired to be the youth pastor at the Apopka Church.

Accent: Western

Job: Youth pastor at Apopka Baptist Church.

Hobbies: Motorcycles and racing.

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