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Rhonda Wolfe

Craig and Stacy's mother. She has a professional manager job. This may be related to her rather no-nonsense direct approach and her tendency to give orders. Rhonda is also a bit lonely. Since her husband died many years ago, she has been seeking a new mate. She may start very flirty and acting like a damsel in distress. But, soon her bossy nature shows through and often scares away the potential boyfriend. But, she is always on the lookout.

Role. She provides a motivating force behind Craig. Also, she may also be used in romantic side-stories.


Age: 40-something

Birthday: 5 September

Species: Timberwolf

Sex: Female

Relationship: Widow

Height: 47 inches (119 cm)

Identifying color: Mauve. Often means bold, stylish, worldly, and impressive. (CMY% 30, 100, 0)

Distinctions: Very stylish. Often seen in a business suit, since she is a professional.

Origin: Born in Boston. Moved to Apopka to work at the college.

Accent: New England

Job: She is Vice President of Accounts and Marketing at the Tettenhall College Credit Union in Apopka.

Hobbies: Looking for a new husband; decorating the house; spending time with her girl friends from the office at various social events.

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