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Mike Flafox

Mike is sort of the father figure in the cast. Being the oldest, he tends to be a little more settled in his ways, but is still open to change and doing things better. He enjoys sports and fun activities. He spends his time between work (software consultant) and taking care of his niece - Debbie. Mike is conservative in dress and behaviour.

Role. Mike provides the father figure.


Age: 37

Birthday: 14 November

Species: Gray fox

Sex: Male

Relationship: Single

Height: 43 inches (109 cm)

Identifying color: Sky blue. Often means true, honest, good, calm, and peaceful. (CMY% 100, 30, 0)

Distinctions: Seems to only have blue clothing in his wardrobe.

Origin: Born in Florida but moved to Apopka to work in the computer center at the University. He soon left the computer centre and started working as an independent consultant.

Accent: Florida/Southern

Job: Computer consultant

Hobbies: Collecting stuff that features foxes

Design notes

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Model sheets

The following pictures graphically defines the character. In most cases, these models were illustrated by Laura Howell.

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Color specification

The following table defines the color specifications for the character.

Feature Color name Pantone CMYK (%) DMC thread Prismacolor Pencil Prismacolor Marker
Back of ear 731 975
Body fur 723 301
Eye brows 469 300
Eye whites 628 3761
Facial fur and belly cool gray 1 762
Hair 724 400
Inner ear cool gray 7 318
Pants (trousers) 5415 930
Shirt 2985 813
Socks 4705 975
Tail tip Black 5 3371