Laura Anne Hare header picture

Laura Anne Hare

She is Vicki and Ceri's editor, mentor, and friend. Because Laura is the story editor, she must balance being a friend of the reporters and having to give them assignments they don't want to do. She is easy going and relaxed.

Role. The friendly boss. She will be seen more often than the actual publisher of the magazine.


Age: 26

Birthday: 7 May

Species: Rabbit

Sex: Female

Relationship: Married. Husband is William Hare.

Height: 34 inches (86 cm)

Identifying color: Amber. Often means mellow, abundant, prosperous, and contented. (CMY% 0, 40, 100)

Distinctions: Her earrings hang magically down below her face. She also tends to wear black and white, but stylish, clothing.

Origin: She was born near Cardiff, Wales. (A Welsh rabbit -- ok, a joke some from the UK might understand.) Her husband was transferred to the States for a long term project. Once here, they decided to transfer citizenship. Her husband is the teacher at Apopka Middle School. With her background, she was a natural to assume the editor job at the magazine.

Accent: Welsh

Job: Story editor at the magazine.

Design notes

Clothing: Laura Anne's clothing should be fashionable office attire.

Model sheets

The following pictures graphically defines the character. In most cases, these models were illustrated by Laura Howell.

There are currently no sample images.


Color specification

The following table defines the color specifications for the character.

Feature Color name Pantone CMYK (%) DMC thread Prismacolor Pencil Prismacolor Marker
Blouse (new design) White White
Blouse (old design) 172 350
Body fur 722 976
Ear rings 141 725
Eye iris 191 956
Eye lid makeup 695 3722
Eye pupil Process black 310
Eye whites 494 3716
Facial fur, belly, feet 720 945
Hair 167 919
Inner ear 488 353
Nose 163 3340
Outline Process black 310
Skirt (new design) Black 7 3799
Tail (pwerpuff) White White
Trousers (old design) Black 7 3799