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Debbie Flafox

Debbie is your typical fun loving, energetic, optimistic kid. She is curious, brave, and too often gets into mischief. Debbie has a really big 'crush' on Aussie. Unfortunately, Debbie's parents died when she was younger and Mike is now her guardian. Her father was Mike's younger brother.

Role. Debbie provides the family environment, the mischievous and fun loving child.


Age: 8

Birthday: 18 April

Species: Red fox

Sex: Female

Relationship: Single

Height: 22 inches (56 cm)

Identifying color: Yellow. Often means exciting, inspiring, sharp, and child. (CMY% 0, 0, 100)

Distinctions: Always active. Talkative. Adores Vicki. Always wears a bow in her hair.

Origin: She was born in Florida but moved to Apopka when Mike adopted her.

Accent: Southern

Job: "Hey, I'm just a kid!"

Hobbies: Playing, singing, hanging out with "big sister" (Vicki).

Design notes

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Model sheets

The following pictures graphically defines the character. In most cases, these models were illustrated by Laura Howell.

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Color specification

The following table defines the color specifications for the character.

Feature Color name Pantone CMYK (%) DMC thread Prismacolor Pencil Prismacolor Marker
Back of ear Black 7 3799
Body fur 158 721
Dress, flowers Proc yellow 307
Dress, primary 639 825
Eye iris 4645 3772
Eye pupil Black 7 3799
Eye whites White White
Facial fur / belly White White
Hair 160 920
Inner ear 422 318
Pants / shirts 2577 208
Ribbon 299 826
Ribbon, shadow 285 825
Shoe tops 2587 552
Socks 471 920