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Craig Wolfe

Craig lives up to the skinny, nerdy, computer geek stereotype. He is into everything computer related. He is also a big sci-fi fanatic. He is a little socially awkward, but very likeable.

Role. Craig plays an awkward romantic interest in Vicki. Craig dreams of someday being Vicki's boyfriend; but Vicki only likes him as a co-worker.


Age: 24

Birthday: 21 September

Species: Timberwolf

Sex: Male

Relationship: Single

Height: 50 inches (127 cm)

Identifying color: Cyan. Often means sharp, clean, analytical, and intelligent. (CMY% 100, 0, 0)

Distinctions: Really shy around Vicki. He wears big dark rim glasses and a pocket protector with pens. He is tends to make references to sci-fi, fantasy stories, and movies in his conversations.

Origin: Craig was born near Boston. He came to Apopka to attend Tettenhall College. After graduating, he decided to stay because he got a good job at the publisher. His mom and sister decided, after visiting him at College, that they liked the small town and they moved to Apopka. Craig moved back in with his mom, Rhonda, and sister, Stacy.

Accent: New England/Boston

Job: Computer systems administrator and clerk. Hey, it is a small publisher.

Hobbies: Computers, cartoons, playing chess, sci-fi, and games.

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