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Cody Raccoon

Cody is your typical 7 year old boy. Energenic and wants to be a superhero. He gets along well with Debbie, who he considers as a sister.

Role. A parallel for Debbie.


Age: 7

Birthday: 1 May

Species: Raccoon

Sex: Male

Relationship: Single

Height: 20 inches (51 cm)

Identifying color: Lime. Often means young, fresh, naive, and lively. (CMY% 70, 0, 100)

Distinctions: Lively and energenic. Usually dressed to play.

Origin: Cody was born in Queens, New York. He came to Apopka with his mom, Wendy. He is now Debbie's friend because his mom is Debbie's nanny.

Accent: New York/Yiddish

Job: "What's a job?"

Hobbies: Comic books, pretending to be a superhero, building stuff and then breaking it. Hey, he's a young boy.

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