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Ceri Bobcat

Ceri is the sensible, tomboy-ish type. She is Vicki's best friend, second to Aussie. She and Vicki graduated from College together. She is also Vicki's roommate, sharing the rent. She has a distrust of humans. You have to be careful around Ceri. If you tease her, she is very sneaky in the way she gets even -- often in a way you don't learn about until much later.

Role. Ceri plays the sensible, moderate personality role. She provides balance to the ditziness of Meredith. She provides an area of contrast and contension with the human characters.


Age: 22

Birthday: 12 February

Species: Bobcat

Sex: Female

Relationship: Single

Height: 45 inches (114 cm)

Identifying color: Magenta. Often means romantic, enchanting, sensitive, and optimistic. (CMY% 0, 100, 0)

Distinctions: Ceri is tall. She also likes to wear her hair in a pony tail.

Origin: She was born in central Virginia. She ended up in Apopka, Georgia, to attend Tettenhall College.

Accent: Virginia/Southern

Job: Local events and government reporter for the Apopka Reporter.

Hobbies: She likes reading, drawing, and arts and crafts.

Design notes

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Model sheets

The following pictures graphically defines the character. In most cases, these models were illustrated by Laura Howell.


Color specification

The following table defines the color specifications for the character.

Feature Color name Pantone CMYK (%) DMC thread Prismacolor Pencil Prismacolor Marker
Blouse Burgundy 1955 816
Body fur 730 435
Buckle 107 307
Ear tip, Tail tip, Stripes 469 300
Eye pupils Process black 310
Eye whites (with glasses) White White White
Eye whites (without glasses) 106 744
Facial fur, belly 728 437
Hair 731 975
Inner ear 726 3774
Jacket 1905 962
Jacket roll-up 1895 3326
Nose 702 3731
Outline Process black 310
Pants / trousers 1205 745
Shoes Black 7 3799