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Aussie M Skunk

Aussie is Vicki's life long friend. They have known each other since elementary school. For some reason unknown, Aussie is overly fascinated with Australia. He dresses in outback attire and always has his red scarf. He uses Australian slang and idioms often. Maybe it has something to do with his name being Aussie. Aussie is a dreamer. He has a million plans but never seems to act on them.

Role. Aussie provides most of the comic relief and momentum. Like Meredith, he is superficial, but not shallow.


Age: 23

Birthday: 19 February

Species: Striped Skunk

Sex: Male

Relationship: Single, steadily dating Meredith Skunk (no relation)

Height: 38 inches (96 cm)

Identifying color: Scarlet. Often means bright, believable, vivid, positive, festive, and friendly. (CMY% 0, 100, 50)

Distinctions: Aussie always wears his red scarf. Even at the beach, he has his red scarf. It is like his security blanket.

Origin: Aussie is also from Florida. He grew up next door to me. His parents are from Illinois, hence his midwestern heritage. Never one for an original idea, when Vicki told him about Tettenhall College, he decided to attend, too.

Accent: Illinois/Midwestern but pretending to be Australian.

Job: Sports reporter at the Apopka Reporter. He is also one of the photographers for the magazine.

Hobbies: Sports, mate!

Design notes

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Model sheets

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Color specification

The following table defines the color specifications for the character.

Feature Color name Pantone CMYK (%) DMC thread Prismacolor Pencil Prismacolor Marker
Belt 462 3031
Belt buckle 123 972
Body fur 447 3799
Eye pupils Black 7 3799
Eye whites 351 955
Facial fur / belly White White
Hair White White
Hat 462 3031
Hat band 167 919
Hat buckle 123 972
Inner ear 712 945
Scarf 032 606
Shirt 1205 745
Shoe laces 032 606
Shoes 462 3031
Shorts 4645 3772