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Catch up on earlier comic strips.

The comic strip is organized by stories. That is, a group of strips tell a story.

The one exception is the guest comic strip series, Minding the Gap. The Minding the Gap story is a group of gag strips. These guest comic strips are illustrated by a wide range of artists from amateur to professional.

Current Stories

Story title Start date Artist
Video Introductions 2001-03-18 Laura Howell
Minding the Gap 2001-09-16 Various
Sisters 2002-04-14 Laura Howell
Pecan Festival 2003-04-13 Shelley Pleger
School Days 2004-04-11 Shelley Pleger
Dixie Wildlife 2008-12-07 Jennifer Morton
Summer Work (2012) 2012-06-03 Shelley Pleger
Summer Work (2017) 2017-01-01 Jan (